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JIS-Automation ostaa Stig Wahlströmin savunpoistoliiketoiminnan

Yrityskaupan myötä JIS:n savunpoiston palvelutoiminta laajenee merkittävästi. Kaupassa JIS-Automationille siirtyy Stig Wahlströmin asiantuntija- ja myyjäorganisaatio sekä savunpoistotuotteet sisältäen esimerkiksi toimilaitteet ja ohjauskeskukset.

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The function of the smoke ventilation system in buildings is to reduce the number of physical injuries and property damage in the event of a fire. The system extracts fire gases in a controlled manner and assists rescue department in their mission.

JIS-Automation Oy is one of Finland’s leading smoke ventilation system professionals with experience in numerous projects. We implement smoke ventilation control systems regardless of size class. Our special expertise is emphasized in the implementation of challenging smoke ventilation systems for buildings and industrial plants.

The functions of smoke ventilation control panel vary depending on the purpose of the property. For example, a smoke ventilation system can automatically control other building technologies as required by the fire authority and, if necessary, also initiate a controlled shutdown of active processes.

We also manufacture smoke ventilation activation panels, which are used to control the system in case of a crisis by the fire authorities.

Process of smoke ventilation system contract

    • Design
      We design the smoke ventilation control system for the property based on the smoke ventilation plans created for the project. We are in contact with designers and fire authorities to ensure high-quality system implementation. We also bring all the devices connected to the system together.
    • Component selection
      We always implement smoke ventilation systems according to customers’ requirements. Components selected to smoke ventilation systems are top products in their field. Systems are always carried out with industrial grade programmable logic controllers and high-quality power management devices.
    • Manufacturing
      We manufacture all smoke ventilation control and activation panels at our main facilities in Pirkkala. In-house design and manufacturing ensure a high-quality and dynamic manufacturing process.
    • System installation
      Installation of smoke ventilation system is always carried out as per contract. Regardless of the size of the project, our company has the necessary resources to carry out comprehensive installation of the system including installation of smoke ventilation control and activation panels, cabling and connection labor.
    • Commissioning
      Contract includes comprehensive testing and commissioning of the system. Smoke ventilation is always individually tested at the device level. The whole system is tested after the devices’ functionality has been confirmed.
    • System maintenance
      We offer extensive maintenance services for smoke ventilation systems always according to customers and standards requirements. The maintenance plan for the smoke ventilation system prepared by our company is presented below.

Smoke ventilation systems

We design and implement smoke ventilation control systems using our own JSPOK-product family. The system is based on industrial grade programmable logic controllers which includes all smoke ventilation activation and control panels. Smoke ventilation systems delivered by JIS-Automation Oy are designed and manufactured using high-quality components according to customers specific requirements and valid standards. Our JSPOK-smoke ventilation system consists of one or more smoke ventilation activation panels and control panels connected to it. Industrial grade components make sure that the system functions reliably and appropriately under all circumstances.


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Smoke ventilation activation panel

The activation panel connected to the smoke ventilation of the property monitors the protected object, controls the operation of the system and allows the fire authorities to control the smoke ventilation system. The JIS activation panel includes a touch screen or mechanical operating switches, depending on the project. From the activation panel the information is passed on to the smoke ventilation control panels via fieldbus solutions, if necessary.

Smoke ventilation control panel

Control panels that are interconnected by fieldbus technology take commands from the activation panel and its operator. The control panel contain all the necessary logic components and power management devices as well as the fieldbus components. The control panel can implement the device controls related to the smoke ventilation system comprehensively, including all actuator and fan controls. The fan controls can be implemented with modern variable frequency drives or alternatively with contactors.

Smoke ventilation system maintenance

The functionality of the smoke ventilation system must be tested at the intervals specified by the smoke ventilation regulations and the equipment suppliers. According to the Rescue Act, the owner and occupier of the property are responsible for the functional condition of the smoke ventilation equipment and for proper maintenance and inspection. We inspect and maintain all smoke ventilation systems we manufacture in accordance with our annual contract. The following measures are taken at each service:

  • Checking the fieldbus data transfer rate and fault logs
  • Program backup and archiving
  • Testing the operation of the ring network
  • Ring network fault alarm testing (fault simulation)
  • Power supply measurements
  • System voltage monitoring alarms on a central basis (UPS, main switches, circuit breakers / fuses)
  • Testing of follow-up alarms
  • Testing the operation of the cooling fans in the control panels and changing the filters
  • Replacing UPS hardware batteries (every two years)

Smoke ventilation products


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